Frequency Recording provides a comfortable, exciting environment for recording and producing music. Bright, sunlit rooms give your creativity a chance to shine.

The control room is centered around an SSL Matrix Console running Logic Pro 9 and Pro Tools 10 with Apogee converters. An additional Dangerous summing and monitoring rig provides more options for splitting your mix out of the box. The desk and racks are filled with vintage and modern outboard gear from Vintech, Manley and UREI providing the input and dynamics processing for the console. The large 16’ X ’20’ X 10’ control room is fitted with custom made acoustic treatments and translates exceptionally well to mastering. The live room is 12’ X 22’ X 10’ and houses a 79’ Premier drum kit and Yamaha Motif XF8. The amp isolation room reveals a 6’ X 10” Sound City \ guitar cabinet and a collection of combo amps. All the mic lines coming from the live room appear in the patch bays allowing outside engineers to bring in their favorites or rentals.

About Frequency Recording is the home base for engineer/producer Rich Fabrizio.  Engineering music for the past fifteen plus years, Rich has developed a diverse cliental from jazz influenced jam bands, singer songwriters to hip hop acts. Having worked for some of musics top producers Rich has learned to deliver detailed, balanced and focused recordings.